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Loyola Academy, Secunderabad


First Inspiration

It is a tribute to any institution which had a humble beginning but stood the test of time and dares to surge ahead spreading its full grownwings to step into the new millennium with ardent hope and unflinching loyalty to its first inspiration. First inspiration has its origin in the founding fathers that have become of happy memory- The lion-hearted Fr. Balaiah is the first inspiration whose brain child is the present LoyolaAcademy. To write about him is to tell the tale of the building up and final establishment of by Loyola Academy comprising a P.G. College, a Degree College and a Junior College with two separate hostels for boys and girls and a well manicured farm in its sprawling campus of 144 acres of picturesque land.

When the call came from the more illustrious alumni of Jesuit Colleges particularly that of Loyola, Chennai, who held responsible positions in the Government of Andhra Pradesh, to start a college akin to that of Loyola College, Chennal, it was a happy coincidence for Fr.Balaìah. For quite some time he had been harbouring an idea that had been hatching in his mind a job-oriented university college which would combine general education with professional training.


To prepare 'Employable graduates' through this new institution, rather than churn outunemployed graduates was the main objective. Fr. Balaiah was a visionary with a heart to listen to others. When the idea of vocational education was proposed, he grabbed it with both hands. In this connection, we must remember the stellar role played the Rt. Rev. S. Arulappa, the then Archbishop of Hyderabad. When he went to Rome, he made it a point to meet Very Rev. Fr. Arrupe and impressed upon him the necessity of starting a University College at Secunderabad. The Archbishop, himself an alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai, takes pride in repeating in public on several occasions, his timely intervention with the then General.


Given his influential connections with government officials, Fr, Balaiah obtained from the government 144 acres of land in Alwal on the outskirts of Secunderabad. Sri.Krishnasamy I.AS., Sri. Rama Murthy, IAS, Sri. Venkatratnam, IAS and Sri.Santhanam, lAS were instrumental in this favourable gesture of the then government headed by Sri. Vengal Rao, a good friend of Fr. Balaiah. Thus Loyola Academy was born.

Fr. Koppala Abraham Stanislaus SJ is the superior of the community from 5th June 2012. We have Junior, Degree and PG colleges, hostels for the boys and girls, home for the elderly Jesuits and a recently established parish called Balaiah Nagar parish in the campus. Today it is one of the prestigious colleges in the city of Hyderabad.

Baliah Nagar Praish

Fr. John Packiaraj soosaidoos is a parish prist of St Francis Xavier's Church, Alwal. He is assisted Fr.Devadas Mariasusai it is a recently errected parish and Jesuits take care of the Spritual needs of the community.

Parish Address

St.francis Xavier's Church

Loyola Academy, Alwal

Secunderabad - 500010



Loyola Academy Junior, Degree & Pg Colleges


Secunderabad - 500010



Tel-Jr Prin:040-20081620

Tel-Jr Coll off:040-27864620

Tel-Deg Prin:040-27872367

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